The BALDIN s.r.l. deals mainly, but not exclusively, of the sale of machines for the processing of the wood.
Dealer of prestigious brands such as SCM, MORBIDELLI, DMC, ITALPRESSE, ARTIGLIO, VENETA IMPIANTI, CO.MA.FER.., claims nearly 50 years of activity. The technical experience and the trust relationship with the customer allows us to understand its needs and to direct it towards to the optimal solution.

In addition to new machines, the BALDIN s.r.l. it has a wide range of used machines that are provided reconditioned by our technicians.

 The BALDIN s.r.l. provides direct assistance to its customers with vans equipped to interventions leading to quick solutions to problems.

The services that BALDIN S.R.L. offers to the public are:

  • Reconditions, also as new, with warranty;
  • Assistance;
  • Assembly and testing;
  • Training of personnel providing machinery;
  • Technical advice and business lay-out study;
  • Spare Parts;
  • Tools;
  • Repair and Overhaul of machines used;
  • On-site assistance with specialized technicians.

Our specialized technicians, with decades of experience, follows training and up-date courses to the manufacturers to acquire more and more knowledge about electronic and digital evolution.

Our strength has always been the direct assistance with vans equipped for interventions and quick solution.